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Shlomo Radcliffe & Associates




The client wished to move from their Wix starter template to something that stood out from among other therapy websites. Using Wix's editor, I created a more focused design, with emphasis on clarity and theme, leading to greater conversions.


To ensure the client would be able to manage the site after the project was finished, I used clean and simple shapes, with a minimal amount of colors. I implemented abstract shapes that each bore a subtle hint to the context, such as the treatment area or type of feeling.

brand guidelines.png

I chose muted colors to evoke a greater sense of calm and modern aesthetic. I wanted visitors to this site to see immediately get a sense of professionalism.​


For the font choices, I contrasted a serif with a popular and highly legible serif. This made it possible to create better focus between titles and body text.


To create the logo, I left a very subtle nod to the letters S.R.A, which is the acronym of Shlomo Radcliffe & Associates.

graphics banner2x.png

I split up walls of text into easy-to-read paragraphs and looped articles like the one above into the theme with bordered boxes and titles with a contrasting font.

Where possible, I used graphics in the brand colors to draw attention to individual elements in a group.

I created a dedicated page for contacting Shlomo and his associates, allowing for important information to be clearly visible beside the form. I added a more thorough footer, with clear and bold call-to-actions (CTAs) throughout the site.

Project Results

“The website is much easier to navigate and vastly more responsive. Since the redesign website traffic and new bookings have gone up significantly.”

Shlomo Radcliffe - Shlomo Radcliffe & Associates

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