This client's small business sells adult incontinence products - not the simplest thing to brand and make appealing. The task for this project required a full brand suite and an updated WIX site too.


The client had a bare-bones site and needed to showcase empowering messages, feature exciting programs and highlight big commitments. They required a newly branded site that implied professionalism and a modern aesthetic.

brand guidelines.png

These colours were carried over from the previous design as the client wished to keep them a focus.


I chose these fonts because they were geometric but also had some soft curves, which matched the graphics and iconography I was making.


I worked closely with the client to craft the concept of this logo. The ultimate design features a graphic the hints at a package of diapers stacked on top of each other.

graphics banner.png
Full Homepage.png

This is the design (made on Figma) that I eventually implemented online using the WIX website builder. It took a little experimentation, trial & error (and maybe a few tears) to get it to look as close to my design as possible.

Here are some of the branded graphics I designed for the client for the purposes of advertising on social media.

Project Results

“The website is much easier to navigate and vastly more responsive. Since the redesign website traffic and new bookings have gone up significantly.”

Shlomo Radcliffe - Shlomo Radcliffe & Associates